An SEO Plugin?

I’ve always been pretty handy with the SEO, and I know that WordPress does a decent job of making the SEO you do in your content come through in the structure.  I’ve never used an “SEO plugin” before today – and now, all of a sudden, for a variety of reasons, I’ve just installed it in 3 different WordPresses.

I just stopped, and used the whole “extra interface” at the bottom.  Interesting.  Not sure I like it.  Though, I can see why one might want such a thing.

Let’s see how this looks (clicks publish)

Hm, that’s neat.  The first thing it warned me about was “There are 99 words contained in the body copy. This is far too low and should be increased.”  Fair enough.  It goes on to say, “No images appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.”  Funky.  Those are the only two “red flags” it gave me, at the point where I clicked “publish” above.  Here’s the Yellow and Green warnings it gave me:

No outbound links appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.
The page title contains keyword / phrase, but it does not appear at the beginning; try and move it to the beginning.
No subheading tags (like an H2) appear in the copy.
The keyword / phrase appears in the URL for this page.
You’ve never used this focus keyword before, very good.
In the specified meta description, consider: How does it compare to the competition? Could it be made more appealing?
The meta description contains the primary keyword / phrase.
The page title is more than 40 characters and less than the recommended 70 character limit.
The keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy.

Hm. Kinda neat. Not my kinda thing, as I’m already kinda good at it, but kinda neat none the less.