About SiteSmith.ca

SiteSmith.ca is a different kind of company.

We build beautiful custom websites by hand.  We currently specialize in WordPress and “responsive design”.  WordPress means you can easily publish your content, and host your site anywhere you wish.  “Responsive design” means that your website will look great on any device, and be easy to read and navigate no matter the screen size.

We build websites that are incredibly simple to own and operate, beautiful, and conform to the most rigourous web development standards of today, to ensure that they will function perfectly for many, many years to come.

We don’t build full-blown Content Management Systems out of WordPress and 3rd-party plugins.  We’d much rather not build your website, if a full CMS is what you need.  But if the many features, add-ons and benefits of WordPress are what you need in a website – we’ll make sure you get the very best of what it has to offer in a beautiful package.

We aren’t looking to expand – we enjoy building fully custom one-offs for a wild range of customers, and that’s what we do.  We aren’t looking to add more staff to take on more projects – we enjoy the efficiency and synergy of people with a long long history in their field, and with one another, focusing on the projects at hand.  Every year, we do roughly the same amount of roughly the same things as the year before – but every year, the technology we use advances to become a bit more modern.  15 years ago, it was Java.  10 Years ago, Flash.  5 years ago, Ajax.  Today, it’s WordPress sites that look dynamite on big screens or in tiny mobile devices.  And every year, the quality of our work ratchets up just a little bit higher.

The original concept art that this site is based upon.
The original concept art that this site is based upon.

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