Mission Statement

Our mission is descended from an idea that was introduced in March 1973, in the University of London Computer Center Newsletter:


40 years later, this unfortunate phenomenon dominates the “modern website” market.

We are committed to making things that work. We take care to understand the customer’s situation, and the practical possibilities afforded by the materials we work with. Without the distractions of uninformed ambition, we create elegant, indestructible, long-lasting, easy-to-use tire swings with a great view.  Er, elegant, indestructible, long-lasting, easy-to-use websites that look great.

The name “SiteSmith” riffs on this idea. Consider a blacksmith, or a swordsmith. They understand the materials they are working with. They understand the context of how what they’re making will be used in the field. The things they build are sound. Practical. Useful. Durable. And they will never be flimsy, or awkward, or fragile, in the name of flash or fancy.

We’re like a blacksmith who sells horseshoes in a world of people hawking rocket boots for horses. We’re like a swordsmith in a world of people hawking laser pointers as a preferable long-range solution. And we build the nicest darn tires swings, too.