Any Device

Once upon a time, websites viewed on phones were tiny illegible things, and companies developed “apps” as a way of reaching out to users of mobile devices.

Thankfully, through the miracle of modern HTML5 and CSS3, we are now able to craft websites that look fantastic, and are easy to use, on any size of device.  The process involves making web pages that re-arrange their components depending on the size of the screen where they are being viewed – and it’s called “responsive design”.

This website uses “responsive design”.  If you use your phone to view this site, it is legible and easy to navigate.  If you are viewing this site on a large computer, try this – re-size your browser from fat to skinny and back to fat.  Notice how at every width, everything on the page finds a place to go where it’s big enough to read or tap, and doesn’t crowd other stuff.  Sweeet.  It’ll even arrange itself nicely in smart watches, when those hit the market.  That’s “responsive design”.

The Frank Theatre Website as it appears on a laptop and a phone
The very sprawling Frank Theatre Website, as it appears on a laptop and a phone

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