Beautiful responsive websites. Easy to use.  Easy to update.  Easy to maintain. Totally custom, from architecture to charm. Designed and built to be great on everything from an HD projector to the smart watch that may take the market by storm next year.

It would be great if we could show you how these sites accommodate different sized screens, without asking you to visit them on more than one device.  So we designed our portfolio to give you some idea, with no extra effort from you, no matter how you’re viewing the site. Simple and clear, as is our way.  Enjoy!

The Frank Theatre


The Frank Theatre website includes a sprawling and ever-growing archive of material.  Thoughtful use of the features of WordPress allows site visitors to find the content they are interested in very easily. The site is as bright and bold as the company itself.

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Around Lake of Bays


This elegant and easy-to-use websites put almost all of the hundreds of things in Lake of Bays Township at the user’s fingertips, no matter what kind of device they are using. The rustic looks befits the site’s “cottage country” content.

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Linden Grove


Linden Grove is a hip, upscale urban florist.  Their website conveys their cool attitude and makes numerous galleries of stunning photos look great on any device.

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lantidote-devicesA simple, soothing basic site with a blog.  Almost like going to the spa. In French, no less.  A comfortable, relaxing site that’s a breeze to use on any device.

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This little site your visiting right now is indeed a SiteSmith site.  Very stripped down, it says hello, gets the point across, and then you’re done.  On any device.  Just what you need, nothing more.  The chopped metallic look of the site reflects our commitment to beauty, durability, and ease-of-use.

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