Why SiteSmith.ca?

SiteSmith crafts websites that are elegantly beautiful, inside and out.

We blend art and science to produce websites that will engage your audience, bolster your brand, and not give you any headaches.  We focus heavily on the “mobile audience”, creating sites that do not marginalize visitors with tiny little screens.

We build sites using the world’s most popular “publishing platform”, WordPress, because  sites based on WordPress are easy for anyone to own and operate.

SiteSmith sites ARE:

Beautiful.  Elegant.  Easy to maintain.  Optimized for mobile.  Easy to navigate.  Fully customized to reflect you.  SEO powerhouses.  Fast.  Clear and effective.

The Frank Theatre Website as it appears on a laptop and a phone
The very sprawling Frank Theatre Website, as it appears on a laptop and a phone

SiteSmith sites are NOT:

Inexpensive.  Cluttered.  Troublesome.  Clumsy.  Noisy.  Flashy.  Confusing.  Generic.  Slow.  Over-budget or behind schedule.

Why not SiteSmith.ca?

In a nutshell, we only build websites that are both beautiful, and easy to own and operate.  If you have sophisticated requirements in terms of data management, social interaction, or site sprawl, you should have a more serious CMS (Content Management System) to support those requirements.  Serious Content Management Systems are not simple to own and operate for people who do not at least dabble in IT.  Therefore, we would be happy to refer you to a more appropriate supplier who can both build and maintain your system.

Please see our “Samples” page for some examples of sites that provide headache-free ownership for ordinary people like ministers, personal coaches, florists, and brewmasters.

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