Why WordPress?

WordPress is often described as a “personal publishing platform”, which casts it in the role of a do-it-yourself website-making machine.

Consider for a moment, two popular musical instruments – the piano, and the guitar.  Both play an important role in the music world.  If you wanted an instrument you could tune yourself, and take anywhere, you would certainly choose the guitar.  If you wanted to play big, complex arrangements or accompany a 24-piece gospel choir, you would certainly choose the piano.  Even though, if you chose the piano, you’d have limited options in terms of where you could play, and would require professional tuning services from time to time.

WordPress is like the guitar of the website world.  Yes, there’s plenty of stuff it can’t, or shouldn’t, do.  But because of its minimalistic simplicity, it is much more simple to own and operate than its more powerful and impressive cousins.

WordPress is everywhere.  Hundreds of thousands of sites run on WordPress.  Untold thousands of servers host WordPresses.  Untold thousands of designers and developers have a long-standing familiarity with the platform.  Millions of people are already familiar with updating websites through a WordPress backend.  A WordPress site built by SiteSmith is ready for you to take out into the real world, where the possibilities and support venues are endless.  Try doing THAT with a custom Drupal installation – by comparison, it would be like taking your piano to the local pub and tuning it there.

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